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Our Work

The truth behind the curtain is that our role as technology consultants is to apply the same technologies across different verticals; we understand that the nature of technology is the same across the eclectic nature of our end users, but our role is to understand the application and scale with each individual process.

6th & Blanco.

503A Compounding Pharmacy & HQ - Empower Pharmacy.

Texas Children's Hospital - Austin North Campus.

Cardiology Clinic - Texas Heart Institute .

600 West Fifth.


How We Work

4 Steps To Ensure Successful Design & Application

Far too often there is the mindset of rinse, wash, and repeat. Our goal at Atlas is to challenge conventional wisdom, through education and understanding. Through empathetic design, we want to live a life in the day of those who are responsible for the application and maintenance of the systems that we design.

Identify Stakeholders

When it comes to design, the first step is understanding the "Who", behind the design.

Asking the What

Every stakeholder will identify their expectations and what they are wanting.

Understanding the Why

After we get the lists of "What" is wanted, our role is to cultivate the "Why", allowing us to ensure that the expectation goes beyond the mindset.

Bridging the Theoretical & Practical Gap

Once we have had the time to consume all of the available information and feedback; Atlas' role is to ensure that each stakeholder has their unique and relevant expectations exceeded.

The Services We Provide

Harnessing the synergistic nature of the IP based technology and security systems, Atlas Consulting provides full scope design, construction administration, and assessments of the following systems. Integrating project delivery from expectation to execution.

Access Control

From one door to one-thousand, Atlas will design credential-based access into spaces and places, keeping control of all ingress and egress.

Active Building Networks

From the heart of your information technology system to the edge, Atlas can design your core infrastructure from head-end out to the wireless connection for the end user.


From the Boardroom to the Classroom, Atlas can design all of the audio and video needs within a given space, campus, or enterprise environment. This includes all distributed video, sound reinforcement, and comprehensive audio-visual elements.

Communication Services

Design of overhead paging, Voice-over-IP Systems, mass notification, telephony, or any legacy communication systems as a means to deliver voice, text, or other information as necessary.

A.I. Enhanced Building Consulting

Atlas can help increase operational and experiential efficiency; leveraging IoT, PoE Lighting, and Building Operating Systems; we can help execute the next evolution of building operation and experience.

In-Building Wireless Systems

Atlas will design all Cellular DAS, Emergency Radio Coverage Systems, and CBRS types of systems. Inclusive of all cabling, head-end, and remote equipment.


All inside and outside plant cabling, from the right of way to the remote camera. Design of all horizontal and vertical cabling to complete the information technology infrastructure and the systems that it serves.

Video Surveillance

Starting at the edge with necessary camera selection, through selection of a video management suite, to the operation of the Security Operations Center; Atlas will help cultivate a culture of security visually and operationally.

We Appreciate Our Clients